The Balm Cosmetics

Hello Everyone.

I get so impressed how each day I see new brands popping up around me here ( or they exist already but I just notice now, LMAO). I got to know a lot in the last GenBeauty, but today I brought The Balm Cosmetics.

Ok, I saw this before in Brazil at The Beauty Box Store, but I just pay attention couple weeks ago at Rexall when I was looking around for some new makeup with my mom.

The first thing that caught my attention first was the cute vintage package, is all about illustrations, names and event tins. Super cute and I have a thing for vintage things. Anyways, I spend a good time paying around with the products and I wish I could buy it all, but they are quite pricy for a drugstore make up (You can find at Rexall in Canada), but I found a better prices at Amazon, so I’ll defiantly go for some Make up there. Here are some of the cute little products.

Im in love with the packaging and this Spring Blush, is on the top of my list right now, also the pigmentation is pretty good, the size is prefect to put in your purse and take everywhere and is cute, what else do we need right?

The price range like I said is a bit pricy (starts with $10,00 on nail polish and goes to $60.00’s on the pallets), but i really think some of than worth it.

Again you Can find in Canada at Rexall and Amazon.

How about you guys, which is your favourite products from The Balm?

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