Fashion Volunteer, how to get it?

Hello Everyone.

People always ask me how I get my volunteer jobs in Fashion here in Toronto, so I decide to write to talk more. My first idea was a video format post, but I’m to shy to do it yet.

Well, I found out that volunteer in the area was important when i start to research careers in general before move to Canada, but I just figure out how important was when I start college. My first contact with those volunteers was through school professor and career centre. Fist step is to polish you resume and put the strengths something related your personality and the career you’re looking for, in My case Fashion.

My first volunteer was with the extinct Toronto Fashion Week, witch I’m so glad to had opportunity to participate. This was the beginning of everything and I talked more about it on this post . There I did a lot of contacts and after, I did my first Fashion Magazine Trend Events, almost 2 years ago. This one, is the one that I enjoyed the most.

I still do volunteers with Fashion Magazine because is fun, this event in special, we got to hear a panel about the next season trends in fashion and makeup, also get to try a bunch of products that comes in the goodie bag that usually is not in the market yet (that comes from the sponsorship from the magazine event), none of than have disappointed me yet.

The Trend event is twice an year, plus other extra events that the magazine do during the entire year for Tiff, aniversaries and also the magazine party itself, they always need volunteers. After that I did more Fashion week and also TOM* (Mens fashion week). Regardless the event, is all about connections, some I got inside classroom, so is good to keep the good relationship during class time.

The Trend event itself, is freaking amazing, we use 2 venues a old church and a former bar both in downtown. Usually get a cocktail following by the lecture/ panel with magazine professional people, beautiful people from the industry and lot of fun even for the volunteers.

Ok Junia, but how do I get this great volunteer work? I’m getting there. I got through school like I said before, but use the technology in your favour, google the person that take care of events in the magazine, or even lookup on the magazine editorial, you’ll find the name. Look on LinkedIn , write a nice former e-mail forwarding your resume, and put yourself available for contact. In my opinion is the bast way, I got other volunteers like that, actually works. School career centre too, they always have some connections and can be really helpful and even more reliable, so TRY.

OK, now you told us most of the things, what’s in the goodie bags?

Every year is different, depend on the sponsor of the event, the last one fall/Winter trend had a lot of good stuff.

This year was the Guess bag (again) with some new and old sponsors such as Maybelline, Secrets,Kerastase, Lara Bar, Lindit (I ate both already), essie, Rudsak and many more. The goodie bag is a way that they pay us for a vonlunteer job, and is a nice way for beauty and fashion junkies like me.

Well guys that’s pretty much it. If you have further questions or if you want this post in Portuguese as well, please leave a comment in the comment section that i’ll be happy to answer/ do.



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