My experience at Benefit Brow Bar.

Hello Everyone.

I was intend to write this post a while ago to talk a bit more about the Benefit Brow Bar that all Benefit store have it and also most of the Sephora stores now-a-days.

Anyways, I had a chance to test this out a while ago the Brow Bar at Sephora Bloor Street location and I decide to talk all about in this post.

The first thing that the brow professional do is analyze your brown type, and what is more harmonic with your face, after she starts to map your brow according to your face. What I loved about the service is that she explain every detail to me and also show me how to do it by myself which a lot of places don’t do it because they don’t want you to know. during the process she show all different products that she used for mapping. After this step comes the waxing part.

the waxing is fast and gentle, and she told me that is you do in a certain temperature and don’t do all the time, will not damage the skin. after the just finalize with the tweezing the stubborn hair left and start the filling and shaping of the brow with all amazing products from the new collection that to be honest, I’m going crazy about.

she thought me how to fill my brow flaws and take a good care of it, after all is what gives shape to our expressions, she uses some of the new products that they launch recently (some old ones where repackaged to match the new design), and recommended others for my everyday brow care. I’m using every night as a treatment the Browvo! conditioning primer and I notice some difference already, but this is a topic for a future post.

Last, but not least, the complementary make up touch that they do by showing a little book with different eye make up that they do after the service to make you walk away from the store so pretty that you will want to buy everything in the end. LMAO

Overall I loved the experience and I wish I could go there every month, but is a bit pricy. They do other services starting at $14,00 but the waxing that I did with taxes and everything goes around $30,00. Is a good option if you have a event or party after.

How about you guys, did ever try the brow bar? Let me know in the comment section below what did you think.

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