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I’ve been testing some brands of BB Cream for a while rotating than to actually see the difference between. Ok BB cream for some people are soon last years ( to not say 3 years ago when the first came to North America market), after that we already have the CC’S, DD’S and even the blur creams and tinted sunscreen. I decide to go back to the fist one brought by the asian nation to simplify our lives and test 4 affordable brands for you guys.

Loreal’, Aveeno, The Body Shop, Physicians Formula.

Loreal’ Magic Skin Beautifier BB: By far the best in consistency, when you apply on the face, it dries out almost instantly and the skin touch is great. I’ve been using so much that I end up the package kind of quick. The colour match my skin perfectly and the amount of usage per application is not much, so really worth it.

Price: $15,96

Aveeno Clear completion BB Cream: This product is more creamy consistency and the only one from the forth product that actually has SPF 30, so saves time in one of the steps. I love because is a combination and it blends really easy in the skin. The package is not so convenient because when gets into the end, because is really hard to get the leftover products. in summary, great product and is great for all skin types.

Price: $19,97

The Body Shop All-in-one BB Cream: I bought this one without even know anything about it. The first application I actually dislike, even though that the consistency was similar to the Loreal’ one but felt really oily at first and I put it away but I decide to give another try during a cold weather and actually worked better for me. Ends up that te product is really good but for my type of skin, works better in the cold weather when my skin is drier.

Price: $11,50

Physicians Formula Super BB Insta Ready: this one was the last one that I got as a gift on the brand Booth at GenBeauty. I didn’t know the brand had a BB cream but the consistency is creamy as well and blends really well, the only problem was that the colour didn’t match with my skin tone, so I had to do a mix with other one to be able to use it. overall good product if was my colour.

Price: $ 19,16

In summary, from all four, my favourite is the Loreal’, but all are really good and great purchases. Have you guys try any of those?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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