IstaReady with Physicians Formula

Hello Everyone.

Today I brought more products that I got from GenBeauty, Physicians Formula. The brand I knew before, I own some of their products and they are really good and great possible to find at Shoppers, Walmart and other drugstores.

They have different collections, but this one, the Super BB, #InstaReady, I never try it before. From the fair, I got 3 products, 2 contour trios (The blush and the actual contour), and the BB Cream. I’ll break down one by one here.

Blush Trio Super BB: I was crazy about this product, To be honest, I saw other brands doing this form of product that looks so easy to apply and I was willing to buy it just to see how easy is to apply and if works this format to me. Good that I got as a present from PF and I had a chance to try it, I have to say is pretty cool, is good for those on the go that don’t want to wast time doing the three steps at the time (Highlight, Blush and contour) and after just have to blend it out with your fingers or a brush Looks very natural. Is a creamy Consistence so mix together perfectly.

Price: $15,79

Contour Trio Super BB: This one works the same way that the Blush but is to do contour (That technic that to do to make your lines more accentuated and make your face and nose thiner), I love the colours because comes with the highlighter on top, a gold blush to give a glow and the darker colour is to do the contour and if you place in the chick bones area, gives you a nice and sutil contour, perfect for people like me that didn’t learn how to do it yet. Also the packaging for both products are super great to help in the application (stick format) and also is really cute.

Price: $15,79

Super BB Cream: Ok, I have a post about BB creams coming up making the compression of each Brand, but since this product Came after, I’ll do the review for this one separate here. I’m the BB cream Crazy, I love to try different ones and I didn’t know that PF had one. BB creams are great to use daily, This one I really like the formula, is not heavy, blends out beautifully but I thought that was lighter than my skin tone, I’m kinda white and I think if I apply this one and mix with some foundation (just a bit) will get into my skin colour. Overall the product is great actually, doesn’t get stick and have quite good coverage. I’m becoming more addicted to this brand every time that I try a new product.

Price: $18,99

In general, I’m really happy with all three products, just the BB cream I had to adjust the colour a bit but they are really great option for those who don’t want to wast time and money and also have a good quality product with a good price. to know more about the products visite Physicians Formula website or go to any drugstore.

Did you guys test one of those ones before? Let me know in the comment section bellow.


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