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Hi guys.

It’s been forever, OMG since I got back from Brazil the work was crazy and this post is so damn late. I got to know this brand at the Sparks Session conference and since I’m working on the green Beauty series since last year, That’s a perfect brand to test. They where once enough to send me the entire collection to test and review for you guys.

I’ve been using their products since December to be honest and some I already run out of and i have to say 3 months is more than enough to write up a great review, I’ll classify from 1 to 5 rate to be easier.

Ok the entire line so far consist in 7 products that i’ll talk one by one, they are:

-Eye+Face Makeup Remover.

-facial Toner.

-Intensive Serum.

-Night Restore Complex.

-Foaming Facial Cleanser.

-Daily Facial Moisturizer.

-BB Cream.

Eye+Face Makeup Remover, thumbs up for the gentle formula of this product that clean the face without have to scrub the face, worked really well for foundation, blush and lip products. For eyes beside the eyeshadow that wipe it off really well, I use lot of waterproof mascara and eyeliner and for this didn’t work very well but I think thats the entire process of been natural right no chemistry. Also have almost no smell and the packaging is super practical to apply direct to the cotton pads without contaminate the product. 4,5.

Facial Toner was a product that I never understood the usage before this one, I’m kind lazy so I always skipped one step when i was younger and usually was this one until I saw the importance. Is to apply after clean the face and before apply moisturizer to prepare the skin and leave that refresh feeling. Well this one is really light is almost like a termal water to refresh the face and feels really good The smell and packaging have the same quality as the one above and I really like the sensation that leaves in the skin after the application. Is one product that i’ll try to incorporate in my routine but in my opinion is not 100% necessary. 4,5.

Intensive Serum and Night Restore complex. The first one I like to apply this one at night after wash my face and before apply the night restore complex, i don’t know if I suppose to use both together but it feels right since this one is for elasticity. Very thin and rich formula does not feel heavy and makes a good combination with the night complex that also promises help even the skin tones (that means dark spots if you have it), with continuous usage. For me both worked well, I feel my skin in the morning better but not necessary with more elasticity since I think I do have a lot of elasticity in my skin for my age. The night complex did actually correct a but my skin tone in one dark spot that I have in my face, of course didn’t disappear, but I notice that the tone is lighter than before for sure, i’ll use a bit more because I know those things take longer to fade completely. 4,5.

Foaming Facial Cleanser, my favourite so far of the entire collection. easy to apply ( I use on the shower every other day) and is actually not a foam the formula, is more like a light liquid soap that feels really good when you apply in the skin and clean complete skin makeup when you are too lazy to apply all the makeup remover before. Super practical package and great size product, is just a bit of product for the entire face. have a sutil smell of cucumber that I love. 5.

Daily Facial Moisturizer, I apply in the morning after wash my face and before make up but I feel that this product is the one that you can apply all day long (if you’re not wearing makeup of course) when you’re in a hot place like beach for example an feels your face dry. Is super thin and non sticky so for sure you can carry on your bag. Again super convenient package and suits all skin types from dry to oily. 5.

BB Cream, this one i’ll not detail here because I’m preparing a post comparing some BB creams with reviews and this will be there with more details. I don’t want to be repetitive, but one thing I can tell here, the coverage is really good because the product is thicker than the other BB Creams that i've been using, great for winter and with a just a bit of product is possible to apply in the entire face. Now, the colour is a bit darker for me, ( or i'm too white, LMAO), but overall, great. 4.5.

Did you guys like this king of post? Let me know in the comment section bellow if you want to see more reviews like this.

Thanks again Refresh botanicals to let me try your great product, I loved the experience and for sure i’ll keep use some of those a lot.


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