Montreal Tips: Notre-Dame Basilica.

Hi Guys!

How was everybody’s new years??? Hope you all had a blessed and fun night like I did.

Well 2014 is gone and so the rest time, now back to business, posts to you guys. I have to confess I’ve not being very inspire lately, to be honest sometimes the motivation just disappear after almost 5 years of blog and busy life but in the end is something that i really enjoy to do, even though is not my full time job (I wish), is a scape from the daily routine. Anyways, let’s concentrate in Montreal.

I bit about it’s history. This basilica was built in 1823 and went until 1829 when was officially open to the public and also for a long time was consider the biggest temple in North America counting all the confessions that was made in there.

It’s located at Notre dame street really close to downtown Montreal.

Now, I’m not catholic but i got really impressed with all the beauty not just in the Neogothic architecture but how magnificent is inside, the history and the followers and tourists that goes to that place everyday.

The basilica is located at :110 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H2Y 1T2 and to get in is just $ 5,00 CAN, which is not much but helps to maintain the beauty working perfectly. Again even if you are not catholic is really worth the visit, also because is one of the pieces of Montreal History.

Have any of you guys visited the Basilica? Let me know what did you guys thinks on the comment box.

source: personal pictures.

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