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Hi Guys.

It's been a while, What did you guys think about our new home?

I loved, well I loved all the past layouts too but change is always good, specially when it shows more your personality.

We are in the middle of the NYFW for S/S but one trend that is getting big among the fashionistas and influencers and wear a tee or blouse under dress. To be honest, in the beginning I got caught in the situation that I don't love and I don't hate it but was something not for me. OK I bite my tongue for that because I just surrender, I started basic in a black dress with a top underneath ( white so far) but actually I'm getting into it faster than the other trends. The cool par is that this "trend" is already available in the biggest fast fashions that we love in various styles.

take a look in some street style looks that I put together for you guys.

While I was researching about it and gathering some nice pics from instagram, favourite retail websites and street style, I found out the this trend got an update by adding a victorian inspire touch on the blouse to make the look even more romantic, we found it in some girls dressing in the NY heat and also H&M and the latest Club Monaco first presentation on NYFW.

Celebrities and Influencers like Alexia Chung are rocking this trend.

Super romantic with the long sleeve fluffy blouse right? What did you guys think, are you in or out for this trend? Let me know in the comment section below.

soucer: Pinterest

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