Fashion Comes Home

Hi Guys!Finally after finals and crazy assignments on the go i found a time to write here.I get a lot of questions about doing a post graduation abroad (I’m going to do a post just about it soon) and all the projects that i do in school that’s is really hands on work.I did a event before in my previous course but was not as excited as this one.

Fashion Comes Home was a Alumini event but i actually was more active on the exhibition 100 years of fashion that i’m going to talk a but about.

When I started this course, I confess that I was not sure where I want Fashion takes me, thanks to my Visual Merchandise professor, I realize that i really like the visual area(and the art part of it), so to be able to participate in this project was a bless.

Like I mention before I took care of the exhibition the most, and the day of I helped a bit with the final touches for the actual event that was amazing, here are some pictures.

The event was a success, I’ll do another post to show more about the exhibition, but here I want to show a bit more about Humber events, is my second time participating in event with than and I really enjoy the experience, the fun and the new connections that I was able to made with it..

If you want to know more about this event or have any question, please leave a comment bellow, I’d love to read.

source: TravelCulture


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