Addicted to David’s Tea

Hi Guys!

I don’t even know how to start that post because this is so random and contradictory from my last coffee station post that is actually funny enough to share with you guys. Ok a little bit of background.

To be honest, before move to Canada, I was never a caffeine fan, but the culture of the coffee cup hind of catch me, and is rare when i leave home without my cup of hot beverage. Couple months ago I started to change the coffee for tea (still with caffeine), I had seen David’s Tea before even tried bunter occurred me to actually by loose Tea and do at home, was too much work.

When I first walk in (to be honest second time, the first i went to buy a tea! LMAO) at David’s Tea was to by a Macha Tea with my boyfriend in the beginning of last year and after that we both became addicted to it. The cool thing is every month they have a different things and seasonal Teas to offer, and if you buy in a bulk is way much cheaper and believe taste better than those ones that we buy on the supermarket.

In special dates such Spring season, Holidays and Valentine’s Day which by the way is just around the corner the create cute little packages and kits dor it.

I’m always in the store at least one a month and everytime that i come in , i try to get a different Tea to try on. They separate the Teas per category of types of tea. Herbal, White, Black, Green, Oolong, Mate, rooibos and pu’eyh. All the types are really good, but my favourites are green, white and herbal that have a more neutral taste so is good to mix it up so I really love it. Not forgetting the Macha my ultimate health choice.

The store is very customer friendly and cozy, also the sales people are really well training and know their product very well so any question that we have they actually have the knowledge to answer. Some of the locations have table so we can sit and enjoy our beverage is super nice.

Besides the tea, they count too with all the accessories to enjoy your drink at home or to go. My pink travel tea mug is with me everyday this winter.

For more information visite the brad site here.

Oh, before I forget, The membership that brings a lot of advantage. So if you do the frequent Steeper Card, every dollar that you spend is convert to points, and every 100 points you can change for 50 grams of any Tea of your choice, is a sweet deal.

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