Visiting Hunter Showroom.

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Finally between my crazy schedule I was able to post this one.

Since i started the fashion management course I had a tuns of different opportunities of field trips, volunteers and also know a new Canadian brands that I never heard about it. This Time was a visiting to a agency Showroom Called Slavin Raphael that represents a lot of brands here.

One interest thing was that I had an opportunity to visit a showroom, A.K.A is the place where the retail store goes to see the collection and buy it for the next season.

The Slavin Raphael agency is actually a sales rep agency so the deal with not just the Hunter but a lot of different brands such as Dex, new Balance, Mink Pink, Ted Baker, Alternative, Elo and others. They sell some brands just to Ontario area and others to Canada, Hunter is one of that.

One think that really surprise me in this visit was that i had no Idea, that Hunter Products went above and they have not just rain boots, but also clothes, umbrella, bags, jackets, sneakers and others. I confess that I was already a big fan of the traditional boots, but the bags and the sweaters gain my heart. S2

Well guys I have more to came about my visit to Slavin Raphael, just decide separate between brands. Tell me what do you guys think about hunter Line, are you guys willing to by other Hunter products or just the boots are enough?

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source: Travel Culture

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