BlogPodium 2016

Hi Guys,

Last weekend I had a chance to attend Blogpodium conference that this year was held in Toronto again (Last year was in Vancouver), and this year was a really nice.

Different from Sparks session, Blogpodium is very DIY and lifestyle, more about your home in focus, not my focus but still I had a great time.

We had speaker talking about finances, Instagram, DIY and the awesome Keynote Tiffany Pratt giving a lot of inspirational quotes that by the way was very touching, remind me what my goal was when I decide to move to this country.

Here are some pictures of the day.

Overall the conference was great, I love the opportunity that we have to connect with the brands that we love for a speed network and pitch some partnership ideas, and for my surprise, I really enjoy the finance talk, made me understand about how to do my taxes, and also the other one how to work the ads on my blog, which for me so far is the hardest part.

last but not least, the gift bags I love that this one different from the other ones that I got from all the events, have a lot of stuff for my home along with some great ideias that I got from the conference.

Can't wait for the next conference in November.

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