City of lights inspiration.

Hi Guys!!!!

All my friend knows how annoying I can be over my Paris obsession!

I´m those types of person that can´t see anything with the city name or landmarks involved that I want to buy it all.

Like I said before here in the blog I’m decorating my place, we decide to put each part of the house one city of the world that we like such Paris, Toronto and London.

One think that I didn’t see before was Paris inspire looks. Ok I confess that I have some tops from Paris and Eiffel tower but I really never use that as a good look.

I separate some looks with the iconic landmark to inspire us.

While I was searching for images I notice that Thai Flávia, the pretty face behind the blog Fashion Coolture have a little obsession with Paris like me, her looks inspire me a lot.

Crazy for Paris

source: google images and fashion coolture

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