My first Thanksgiving cooking.

Hello Everyone,

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving first of all, and second, I had to share my experience of my first Thanksgiving actually at the kitchen. Now Turkey is actually not my thing, agains my religion (kidding), I actually don't eat turkey at all so we decide to do something more elaborated that the everyday meal.

Now I'm not a master chef in the kitchen, but I like to try, and this year the option was the traditional Brazilian Feijoada which I never did and also i'm not very fun also but I did a light version of it.

I did some simple decoration on a table for 2 that I actually thought was really cute is a sunny cold day that was inspired by my DIYer friend that send some inspiration from hers this year.

Thanksgiving is actually a North America tradition the we Brazilians don't have, regardless, leaving here, I learn to appreciate this holiday for 2 reasons. 1- the whether is not yet freezing cold like in the christians, 2- is actually a day that you stop and think all the great things in life that we have a thank it, no presents just a meal to celebrate this date with the love ones.

Ok, basic stuff, rice, black beans with some meat on it, farofa, collard green, caipirinha and the dessert to top up

Despite the difficulty of the meai, was a pretty cool day pulling this lunch for just 2 of us ( I did way to much) together, was a great way to celebrate this holiday where the goal is actually just give thanks for the great things in life, no presents evolved.

I had a lot of fun doing this for the first time, hope I have many more to come. How was your thanksgiving? Let me know in the comment section below.

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