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Hi Guys,

I was thinking about all the great places that I was blessed to go through all this years and i notice that I left a lot of places out of my blog I don't know why. The good news is, I have a lot of to catch up in Travel post.

When i went to Paris, was my first Hostel experience and you can imagine how terrify I was right? To be honest I was super lucky on my choice, let me explain.

I made my research and reservation through Hostel world, a great user friendly website that helps you pic the perfect Hostel, you can see ratings, photos, details locations you name it, that will help you get the best place for you. (I apologize in advance for some blurry pictures, my camera was moody).

My Hostel was the St Christopher's Inn Canal that's actually a franchising of Hostels around the world, I end up stay in this one in two other countries.

I stay in the 6 bed female dorm where I din't had private bathroom, was shared but way cleaner that a lot of hotels that I saw in other places. The beds where bulk style but with a individual drape that gives each bed more privacy and inside the bed "cubicle" have a reading light, plugs to charge cellphone, computers, cameras and hooks to hang your stuff.

Under the beds we had a locker to keep your valuables and suitcases save, the size was pretty god so i could fit all my bags i there.

The hostel had breakfast included, that by the way was great, and that all the installations and activities to keep the guests busy such as tour guiding around the city and touristic places, game room, computers and a awesome bar that held great parties at night in a beautiful canal view.

The price hasn't change much as I thought, for the 6 bed female room with breakfast is around $33,00 Canadian dollars, witch os not bad and I have to say, the breakfast is pretty good, and the location and installations are great.

They have this great restaurant/ bar Belushi's that is really great, specially if you're like me is travel alone, is a great place to make friends from all over the world, the have special nights, great cheap drinks and foods and a lot of great people that are very helpful and informed, I did a free tour around the city with one of the stuff and was great.

Overall, my experience was amazing there, like i said, is way better that a lot of hotels, and super fun, I do recommend and for sure will go again.

Their address is:

159 Rue de Crimée, 75019 Paris, France

for more info also go to

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