My Top 3 Inexpensive Cosmetics from the USA

Hi Guys,

Today I brought a guest on the blog for a collab that I wanted to do for a while. My guest and I know each other since my first days in Canada, back in 2004 but I'll let her introduce herself.

Hello everyone! My name is Bruna Mazzer and I am a Brazilian travel blogger who was invited to come here and tell you about my 3 favorite cosmetic purchases from my last trip to the United States. My travel blog is called PLANETA BM, it is all in Portuguese and you are surely very welcome to check it out!

Here in Brazil, where I live, we usually pay very high prices for cosmetics that are much cheaper in America. That’s why we Brazilian girls tend to go bananas in Wallgreens, Walmart and CVS shops every time we fly North. Of course we all know the famous and gorgeous cosmetic brands such as Mac, Clinique and so many others, but those use to be expensive all over the world, right? For me, the real fun is to find the best deals there are. By that I mean finding great products for small prices. Not always I succeed, but when I do I feel like spreading the news…

So here are 3 truly inexpensive cosmetics that can make a difference in a girl’s life (and bank account):


As you can see in the first photo my hair is dark brown and somewhere in between straight and wavy. It usually has lots of volume, what I really don’t like to be honest. I know you can’t say that from the photo but you can trust me! J

Anyway, this hair mask works perfectly for my hair and I hope it is just as good for yours. I believe you should try it. It’s so cheap, I paid US$8 and it makes my hair really shiny and soft. I have been using it for at least 2 years and it still shows the effects.


You don’t have to tell me I’m pretty white already to choose a lightening effect moisturizer. I know I am but honestly, I like being white and this doesn’t really change my skin color. Instead, it helps with the dark spots on my face as the name says: “dark spot corrector”. For some reason I always choose the night option. It really is just a feeling, but I tend to believe the effects are a bit stronger when compared to the day moisturizer. Another important thing about this product is that I don’t feel my skin oily so it does not worsen my acne. The price was around US$7.


I remember that when I was a kid my mom used to buy make up from this brand but I had never paid any attention to it after my childhood. That changed recently, when I bought two lipsticks and simply loved them! One of them was as cheap as US$1.99 and the other maybe US$3. I must say I didn’t expect much, but I was surprised by their nice colors and how long they last on my lips. I strongly recommend the wet’n wild lipsticks. I gave one to a friend as a gift and she also liked it a lot! I haven’t tried their other make up products but I let you know if I do.

So, now tell me… what are your favorite cheap cosmetic products?

Source: Planeta BM

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