Travel Essetials - Cuba edition

Hi Guys,

November is here, Yeah.....

I love this month, not just because is closer to Christmas, but also because is my Birthday Month. This years like you guys could notice by the title of the post, I'll spend in Cuba and I'm soon excite because I never spend my birthday away and I never been to Cuba.

We research a lot and we end up picking Cuba because of the history, Beach and budget, I will talk more about it after in another post.

One thing that I like to make sure is that I have all my hygiene, cosmetics and health essentials on point, because you know that when we change our habits, our body react really quickly. I research about it and ask some people that went there before and I unite everything here to share with you guys.

Let's start with Hygiene and Cosmetics.

- Mosquito Repellent: Ok this one is pretty important, like all beach place, Cuba have a lot os mosquitoes and some can even be dangerous (depends what time of the year), so if you are like me, that mosquitoes thinks that you are the last dinner of their lives, you defiantly need to have this on hand.

- Sunscreen: Ok, do I actually need to explain that? even is was not a beach destination, Sunscreen are always on my bag, body and face. For body I don't have preference but for face, I love Neutrogena or Vichy tinted.

- After sun lotion: If you're like me that loves lie down on the sun, for sure you need one of those for the end of the day, helps hydrate your skin after stay all day under the sun and helps you not feel that burning feeling in your skin. Mine is from Bath and Body Works, I love the smell and the sensation that feels on my skin after.

- Termal Water: Seriously, is a perfect refresh through out the day on the beach, I always have one in my beach bag and I spray on my face couple times a day. I really like the Evian on, you can find at Shepora.

- Colgate Optic White: This is a new component in my bag, I figure since i'll have some me time, I need to take care of my smile too, so nothing better than have the combo together, the tooth brush and the whitening pen will be very handy during this week. Of course along with the tooth paste

- Moisturizer: The Nivea Q10 plus Anti- wrinkle I've been using this for a while I don't have wrinkles but is good to prevent, I love apply this in the morning after wash my face and before make up. makes my skin feels really good.

- Hair Oil, hair tights and brush: Ok this is preference, but when I'm at the beach, usually I don't keep my hair really on point, but is a perfect timing to have some care. I love use some coconut oil water to hydrate and protect from the sun and salt of the Sea. I use the Ogx one, is light, don't feel greasy and smells pretty good.The hair brush and Tights I like simple and something that will not break my hair, so those 2 are great.

Now, one very valuable tip that I ready and heard from people that already visited Cuba is to take your own medicines for everything that you could possible have. I do that for everywhere I go, but reading about Cuba, a lot of people complain about been sick of the stomach or nausea. I quite don't know if is the water or food but I tell you guys after.

Fun Fact: The medicine courses in Cuba is one of the best around, but I guess They don't give away meds for visitors.

Make sure to pack at least supplies for 3 days of the following ones.

- Nausea pills.

- Vitamines that contains probiotics.

- Anti acid tablets.

- Headache and Stomachache pills.

- Diarea pills.

- Anti allergic.

- Band Aids.

- Antibiotics.

Doesn't really mean that you will use it all, but is good to have on hand in case of emergency.

Well guys, this is some of my Travel essential tips for a trip to Cuba. How about you guys, what's your best tip in this case? Let me know in the comment section below.

Source: Travel Culture

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