Pack it Up

Hi Guys,

Is obvious that I love travel, but funny enough I really hate pack, specially for long trips (that means more than 3 days). For me pack time was always a dramatic disaster, I try everything.

From roll ups, folds or leave the big garments open at the bottom to warp my all the clothes in the end, believe me I try it all and never worked well because I always want to take more than I actually need.

I watch YouTube videos, look up online for tips to make more practical, less painful and easier and I end up getting this “solution”, that for me apparently so far worked.

OK, my main problem was actually to combine the garments that I want with accessories and jewellery without arrive in the destination and think. OMG, If I had brought this, this and that would better for whatever the reason was.

My trip this time, is just 7 days long to a Sun destination, that means no, hills, comfy clothes with maybe one special outfit for one occasion and bikinis.

I found that pack per look/ day can really work in your favour.

I bought the biggest zip lock that I found, and put everyday clothes and accessories in one bag. (you can use zip lock like I did or go to a supply store and actually buy plastic bags that have some kind of closing system). I didn’t want to be to specific with the looks labelling which outfit will be for which day, but you can actually do that if you prefer. Some people take a picture of the look and stick that on the back to would be easy to remember how to use it. For me that’s too much.

That’s the first time that I’m actually testing for a longer trip, so let’s see how it goes, but I really love the final result and the organisation in my language (which is huge by the way but hey, if I can take with me, why not?)

Well people that’s my tip for packing smart, what is your best way to pack?

Let me know in the comment section bellow, I would love to learn more tips and tricks to improve my packing skills.

Source: Travel Culture/ Pinterest

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