Holiday Traditions, Advent Calendar

Hi Guys,

December just started, and with it the Holiday spirit and traditions.

One tradition that I got to know just here is the advent Calendar.

Some of you guys know since you're kid about it, but in South America we don't have anything like that. Well we do have a calendar to count the days until Christmas, but nothing like a surprise everyday.

The concept is simple. Usually is a card board ( the sophisticated one are made of wood), decorated with a holiday theme images that have 24 doors. Everyday of December until Christmas eve, you open one of the doors and review the prize or treat that usually comes in smaller size compared with the original product.

Those can be a variety of goods such as chocolates, jewellery, make up, toys , cosmetics and etc.

Also the price can variate it depend of the product type and size.

The fun part is that is not just for kids, grown ups can have fun too. I got one for myself according to my preference of goodies type, since I love beauty I choose the L'occitane one that I regret not buy last year. Check it out.

I Put together some great brands from different products that I think worth to get to yourself or gift

Your favourite brand probably have one too, so go have fun and get one for you too.

Now excuse - me but I have to open another door.

Let me know in the comment section bellow if you like this tradition and which one did you got for yourself.

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