Toronto Pop Corn Company

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while that I don’t post anything over here, I got to confess, sometimes life in general gets really disappointed that we don’t want to do anything, even the things that we love to do, get put aside.

Nevertheless, I decide not worry too much and just go with the creativity flow. Enough about my lamentations and lets get to it.

I actually had this post in mind for a while, but I never got a chance to go back to the place to take proper pictures for it. If you are crazy about popcorn like me, this place is your haven on earth.

The Toronto Popcorn Company, as the name say is a popcorn place that sells nothing from original flavours, well correcting they do sell the caramel one, but is the only one.

With more than 70 different and exotic flavours, tiny little place at Kensington Market is so nice with friendly staff that greed you with delicious samples almost all the flavours to choose from.

Right when you get in, you face a big chalkboard-saying hello and giving you the flavours options along with some best sellers samples under such as my all time favorite Honey Mustard, Buffalo chicken, salt & vinegar, garlic & parmesan and others.

Beside, you have same savory and sweets flavours like lemon, grape, classic caramel and pina colada; again, you can have a sample of almost all the flavours. Behind the counter, they have displayed huge gallons with the flavour names; I believe is to storage the fresh ones to keep than crispy and makes a nice decoration. On the counter, there is some serious premium flavours display for sample, cookies and cream and cupcake are my favourites, as you can see I go there a lot. LMAO

Let’s talk about price, well since there’s “different categories” of popcorn in here, is pretty OK the price, starts at $4,00 for the small size for the savoury, $5,00 for the sweet and $6,00 for the premium. The sizes goes from Small (6 cups) to party size (100 cups). You can also mix & match flavours witch I usually do in a small bag that comes a lot, believe me.

Finally yet importantly, they do offer vegan options, witch I think is cool, online store and delivery by foodora and just- eat, and a great assortment of pre-packed popcorn and nuts to grab and go for those that don’t have much time to choose.

That’s one of my favorite places in TO that I was looking was looking forward to share with you guys, go check this out and don’t forget to mention than that you say this post. Hope you like as much as I do.

147 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 3K7 1-844-767-8368 or 1-844-pop-tdot

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