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God knows how I have been missing summer, not that I am complaining much, the weather is great comparing with last year’s winter. What I miss the most about summer (besides vitamin D) is the great places that we have around the city.

One of my favourites for sure is Toronto Island that believe me or not, took me 5 years to actually go there and see what’s so special about it, you know, when you live in the city, usually do touristic points is not on your list.

The Island is right in downtown in the middle of the lake Ontario, so to get in there is simple. Get the subway until Union Station and from there you can get a streetcar, bus or just walk a fell blocks south. Hop on the ferry that costs $7, 50 round trip, and in 10 minutes you are there.

There is tree ferries that goes to different parts on the island, Centre, Hanlan and Ward’s; by that you can decide where you want to start. I always get the center one because usually is where all the restaurants, cafes and attractions are. Yes, lots of cute little places that you can eat, or just hang out around there. The center is more family place, since there is a park and one of the beaches from the island that is more family oriented.

The west side is more younger oriented, during the high summer you can see some music festivals around there, is close to the city airport and one of the most beautiful beaches were clothes are optional (A.K.A the nude beach).

Now, is not just the beaches and the parks that you have to do there, you can do pic-nic, since you can find open parks all over the island, you can take or rent a bike for one r more people, educative places that kids can visit, even places to stay.

Is incredible organized place and you can easily spend the day with loved ones. I had a great time with my mom just walking around, and at the breach with friends.

For the picture perfect lovers, you can get one of the most amazing views of the city from the island, especially from the center island; CN Tower is always the center of attention, but everywhere you go is guarantee a great snap.

For obvious reasons, the island is just open during late spring, summer and early fall season, but when the season kicks is a number one destination for tourists and locals, Is basically free and is a great destination to enjoy the summer days.

How you visited the island? Let me know your favourite spot and activity in the comment section bellow, maybe I will discover a new thing about it too.

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