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Hi Guys,

I was doing a back up of my computer and I found some files from a great place that i went while ago and i meant to share this experience here before I forgot that.

There's many ways to relax such as massage, yoga, meditation and even sleep; but I had never tried Float before. If you don't know what float is is basically a huge tankful of warm water and a lot of salt tat you just get in float and relax.

Right when you arrive at the place, there's a friendly staff member to welcoming you and explain the process with a nice and warm couple of tea. You basically get in the room ( is a single room only), take your clothes off, take a quick shower and get into the tank.

If you are like me and don't know how to float don't worry, the salt makes you float and there's always something that will help you float there, I confess I was completely scare at first, specially because my bank was not that big and was dark and there's a door that closes to get everything dark inside, but you can regulate some lights like chromotherapy.

I booked at Queen St West location for an hour and followed the inicial steps. I did not close my tank entirely because I got a bit claustrophobic when i saw the tank. When you lie down at the beginning, is hard to slow down your thoughts and enjoy the moment; The main idea is to relax, forget outside and kind of meditate for a moment, but takes tike to "turn off" your brain.

I used the moment to actually try to meditate, and when you get into the mood is so good, your body actually relax and looks like you're flying and funny enough, after your hour is done, there's a relaxing music coming from the water to let you know that your time is done, The music plays around ten minutes, you can enjoy a bit and leave after because the tank automatically start to release the water and prepare the new section for the next guest.

I "woke up" from the music and went for my shower, yes, they do have a shower ready with all the products that you need to get rid of the salt right beside the tank.

In my case I wash my hair, took a relaxing shower and use the robe that they had for me there too with my towel to go to the vanity area to dry my hair.

Yes, they do have everything ready for you to use there even deodorant, Bobby pins and brushes; You can take your own stuff too, I took my hair brush, deodorant and facial cream.

What I like too is that they use all natural products on the place, and is a unique experience to relax, I left the place with a great sensation, even better that when you get a massage. I got back after a couple of times for more.

Look my sleepy face, and yes it's been a while, i was blonde back than.

Now the most important info, pricing. I got a opening promotion back than, that I payed $120,00 for 3 floats + $40,00 each, as you guys know, services in general are expenses in North America but for the experience was really worth it.

Today a single float is $65,00 or two for $80,00 (not change much actually), but I think worth every single penny for this experience.

On their website you can find more packages options and even memberships are available.

I promise if you are into relaxing activities you not going to regret to try this.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have tried float, or if you have other activity to share with us.

Float Toronto

1159 Queen Street West Toronto, ON M6J 1J4 416.803.0935

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