Cherry Blossom Season

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Spring is finally here, and that means that the city is about to get all colourful. This time of the year, all eyes are on the beautiful Shakura Trees al over the city. For those who don't know, this is the tree that brings that pretty little Japanese flower that smells amazing. The flowers was push couple days early this year (April 22) for the happiness of the nature and photography lovers around.

I stop by in some points around the city to guarantee my pic ( on Sunday High Park was impossible), and it really worth the visit.

The trees were given to Toronto in 1959, and since than they became a main attraction in Canadian early spring when they bloom for around 14 days, sometimes less because of the climate change that is happen around the world.

I went to the park before to check those beauties, and is something that always impress me. Last year because of the long winter that we had in Canada, the peak for the Sakura trees open up pass, so the expectation for this year's blossom was really high.

Is possible to find the tree not just in High Park, since is the most popular destination for visitors, but you can enjoy it in other parts of the city such as; Centennial Park, Trinity Bellwoods Park, the University of Toronto’s St. George campus, Centre Island, Etobicoke Library and many more.

Here are some pictures.

High Park has the largest number of Sakura trees, and we still have some days during this week, but go early before the trees get swarmed by the curious eyes in the afternoon.

If you are passing buy around Toronto by April/ May, that's for sure a mandatory attraction to cross from your list.

Tell me in the comment section below if you had a chance to see it, where did you went ad any other place that we can get the perfect selfie.

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