Best of TO: Caffé Demetré

Hello Everyone,

You know those days that you're craving something sweet that is not chocolate or some candy that you have at home? Well that happens with me last week, I wanted something sweet but just not a candy, I wanted a well served dessert.

As far as I know, Caffé Demetré is the most famous dessert house in Toronto, They have different locations around GTA (Great Toronto Area), and a endless sweet and coffee menu.

The closest location for me is Dufferin and Orfus Rd and I have to say, the decoration of the new place ( they moved across the street a while ago) is so cute and cozy, completely Pinterest, Instagram feed. They think about everything, from the booths, the lights, the bathroom hallway to the preparation area with cute decor.

Let's talk about Price, the desserts portion that you get is ridiculously huge, Is perfect to share, so in the end is not that expensive, the crapes and waffles goes from $15,00 to $20,00 approx, so you really get a great dessert to kill your crave for a great price. I and up choosing a apple crumble Crepe instead of waffle with a plain coffee, was the perfect paring and needless to say, I could eat all by myself.

My next try will be the Banana Sprit and some special coffee beverage that I heard is to die for.

For more menu info visit their website.

Let me know in the comment section bellow if you try something different there or if you want to try this place.


3250 Dufferin St,

North York, ON M6A 2T3

Toronto - ON

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