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Hi Guys,

It's been a while the last time that I talked about skincare products here. I've been trying some new stuff, some good and some not good but today I brought the ones i've been loving.

I change completely my routine since i notice that my skin has change with aging, my only product before was just a clinique moisturizer, but I felt the need to change it for more dramatic care.

I brought 5 different (but necessary) products that I believe helped my skin survive from the long winter and prepare for summer.

Tarte Maracuja Oil: $19,00 15ml

I used to hate oils in my face, specially because the stick a greasy feel, but this guy here, I've been searing by. Funny enough, my T zone is dry, so when I apply makeup, specially full coverage, it looks wired in this area, after I start the treatment with the Maracuja Oil, I saw improvement im my skin, and the foundation been sitting beautifully, way better that it was. I bought the small size to test it out and 2 or 3 drops cover my entire face without leave the stick feeling. I like to apply with clear skin before anything else usually at night.

Benefit Cosmetics It's Potent! Eye Cream: $46,00

I try eye creams before but I was never constant with my usage, again I felt the need. Even though this product is a bit pricy, you get a good amount of product and I actually enjoy the results so far, the only down side in my opinion is the smell, For an eye product, I don't think it should have a sent, but is jus my experience, does not interfeer in the product performance.

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial emulsion: $42,00

This is a great light weigh moisturizer, I love how thin and kinda almost gel texture this is, I have a sensitive dry skin and it responds pretty well to this product, also I believe is a great moisturizer for summer time, specially here that gets pretty humid, the skin will absorve this kind of product easily. The packaging is so cute, vintage, I love this absolutely will keep it.

Sephora eye mask: $8,00

Great product and budget friendly. I've always used Sephora brand products, but this skincare products are Wow me lately, the Radiance Cleansing foam it's been my ultimate favourite for over a year (it was the one that start my Sephora brand love), so I decide to try this one as well. again, super light weigh, hydrates and leave a great sensation. I like to apply this product before bad along with sleeping mask.

Sephora Sleeping mask: $5,00

I confess that I decide to try this one because of the price, $5,00 dollars is almost impossible to not try. this small container is great because you can use several times and keeps the product "fresh", i've been using the same container for over 2 weeks now, a small quantity applies in my entire face. You can choose from different sent Is possible to rinse in the morning if you feel that your skin is too heavy. I just do my usual morning routine and usually I don't have anything feeling wired in my face.

So that's it guys, hope you enjoyed my tips, again is something that I felt that works for my type of skin and I really recommend it.

Did you try any of those? let me know in the comment section bellow and if you have any other recommendation, I'd love to try too.

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