Trying Brazilian Treats Ft. Vanessa Giorgio

Hi Guys,

Cheers for my first English Collab video. :-)

It’s crazy how I procrastinate to di videos for many reasons; first I’m camera shy (YES, me. I know your reaction, especially if you know me in person) Second, if in my own language is hard, can you imagine in English??? Beside the reasons, editing is trick and takes patience and time, you got it right?

My lovely guest Vanessa was the person that incentive me the most to do it, she helped me and we sure had a lot of fun.

I brought some Brazilian delicious treats for her to try it. Some of her reactions where priceless, hit play and take a look how was this experience.

Hope you guys enjoyed watch the video as much as we did filming, I’m going to list down what she tried and you can find it to buy in Toronto.

- Cheese Bread (Pao de Queijo)

- Guarana Pop

- Passatempo Cookies

- Sonho de Valsa Chocolate

- Dulce de leche (Doce de Leite)

- Batom Chocolate

- Polvilho (Biscoito de Polvilho)

- Babaloo Guns

- Coffee Candy (Bala de Cafe)

You can find those goodies at: Fresh. Co at Little Portugal, Brazil Direct Store at Dundas and Tavora Foods at St. Clair West.

Don’t forget to check Vanessa’s channel, she is an artist and she film a lot of cool things around our City.

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See you guys next time.


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