4 BB creams to try now

And here we go again with the endless winter in Canada, Is the time of the year that I get super lazy to do any makeup or skincare routine.

Luckly, couple years ago, our asian friends popularized this life saviour for lazy days called BB cream, props for this invention beauty.

The main goal of BB creams is hydrated, protect (most contains SPF), light coverage to even the skin tone and some goes even further in it formula that can contain other benefits.

BB creams are perfect for day offs where we want to give our skin a break from the heavy makeup or for the ladies that actually don’t use makeup every day, a bit like to keep the skin hydrated and even.

We select the best BB creams for every budget and situation. If you want to know those gems, keep reading.

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets all-in-one BB Crème $60.00

If the sky is the limit on your budget, you have to try this, has great reviews, and besides the 5 different benefits that provide to the skin, the formula contains vitamin C. The only downside I like most of BB creams the shade range is not the best one, this guy comes in just 3 shades.

Aveeno clear complexion BB cream $19.97

One of the drugstore favourites, this little guy provides a lot of hydration and a very sheer coverage, is oil free so is perfect for every skin type is great for gym days when you don’t want to workout looking tired after a long day at work.

Rimmel London BB Cream $8.98

This super-budget friendly BB has a medium coverage and will offer your skin a lot of benefits. Claims to be a long-lasting formula and the consistency are creamier, leaving a smooth finish on your skin.

Clinique Age-defense BB cream broad Spectrum SPF 30 $49.00

We all know and love the benefits that Clinique brings to our skin no matter what area do we need. They do offer more than one type of BB cream but the great about this one is a prevention benefit that we can introduce to our beauty routine without thinking an extra step. Has good ingredients to prevent skin ageing and can be used at any age.

Now that we discuss a bit about the BB world, are you hooked to introduce or keep using in your beauty routine? Have you tried any of our selections? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Source main imge: Camille Styles

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