Hello from 2018

Hi Guys,

I know it's been forever that I don't post in here, and believe me, I feel so guilty pretty much every day.

I started this blog a bot more than 8 years ago to share things and experiences that I was lucky enough to have such as, travel to amazing places, see beautiful things, go to awesome events and of course meet incredible people. I started writing in Portugues and than I upgrade to English after I moved to Toronto in 2011 and since then, Youtube happen and the writing and photography got replaced by videos and Instagram feeds. Don't get me wrong, I love Youtube and Instagram, but I'm having a hard time to adapt my always beloved writing content into a video or Instagram caption.

I'm not getting lame excuses to explain why I stop writing, but life happens and I guess I kinda lost myself in the middle and I'm still trying to find what makes me happy meanwhile.

I love makeup and travel and those things make me so happy that I feel the need to share. I'm not in my best place right now, but I promise myself that I will do my best to make things better living one day at the time.

I do not expect anybody to read this post, to be honest, but I actually need a way to put my feelings and frustrations out, I'm very private and I just share my ups and especially downs with my family and small group of friends, and now is one of the down moments, I think that's why I'm not really inspired to write.

In summary, I thought about stop blogging because I don't want to fake the happiness that is not present in my life at this moment, but I notice that during down times, write actually makes me feel part of something. We choose most of the things in our adult life ( where to live, what to study, career, partner and etc), but one thing that I learn over this years is that being away from your family and friends makes things so hard that we end up closing ourselves to the world around us, is a very lonely life and that is bad for our health ( hello anxiety)

Sorry for the long text that was most complain but I guess I needed to put it out in order to move on.

I love this blog, and I created for a happy reason, I'll do my best to carry on



Source image: Pintrest Fashion illustrations

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