Visiting the Kit Kat Chocolatory

Hi Guys,

A couple of weeks ago Kit Kat put together a pop-up store where you could customize your own chocolate bar, along with buy limited edition ones.

I decided to check it out and I actually vlog the experience ( scroll down and press play or go over to my Youtube channel Don't forget to like and subscribe. :-)). I'm a Kit Kat lover since I know myself so I was super excited to have a closer look.

To create the bar you had to line up outside, get a stamp in your hand and wait a bit, the store was open for the curious people or shoppers to buy the limited edition and exclusive chocolates without getting in the line. After entering the store there was a little line to the machine to make your chocolate, 3 in total. There was 3 chocolate base options ( white, milk and dark) and various toppings that was my favourite part. the box was also customizable, you could choose the label and write whatever you wanted ( so fun). After that, I had to wait around 90 minutes to pick up my creation, that for me was the worst part, but since all the chocolates were handmade and we were able to see it, made sense. I got my creation along with some limited edition and exclusive chocolates. Talking about exclusive, the "most wanted" was the ruby chocolate, that unfortunately I did not had a chance to try, since was sold out the day that I went.

My overall thoughts is a long process but a cool concept that Kit Kat did, but I thought was a bit pricey. I get the unique experience idea, but to create your bar (around 100g) was $15,00 plus taxes and the exclusive flavours (50g) was $7,00 each. We do pay for the unique experience and product, but for the quantity should be cheaper.

I loved had a chance to go and do my bar, and I think we have such a short summer that things like that are brought to us to make our short summer more fun.

We always have something fun going on during the summer and some are free. Do you guys like to see more experiences and places like that here? let me know in the comment section below. See you next time.

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