Budget Friendy must try finds

Summer is the perfect excuse to go full force on colourful makeup and take care of the skin after a long winter.

I don't know you guys, but I’ve been all over the place with the beauty launches that are popping up everywhere, the worst part, I totally want to try it all.

Well, since I’m just one person, and can't be everywhere all the time, I select some hot picks for the season, some I tried, and some are on my wishlist, so let's dig in.

L’Oreal Infallible pro matte- Les Chocolats

OK, what is happening in the makeup world with all the scented makeup? We are used to Too faced goodies have that amazing " I want to eat it" scent, but drugstore brought it to another level, the accessible one. This collection contains 6 nude shade liquid lipsticks that go to the lightest to the deepest colour bringing the same amazing long-lasting quality from infallible family, with a delicious chocolate scent, easy application and not sticky. Is basically a dream in a tube for a fair price? Now I know what you're thinking, summer suppose to be about colours but is all about balance, sometimes you want to go for a colourful eye and go neutral on the lips if that's the case, here is your guy.

Maybelline Lemonade Craze eyeshadow palette

This palette obsesses me. The colours are right to create from a fun and electric daytime look to a Smokey night time look. The size is great to take everywhere and the size pan also is great to dip the brush. I think the only downside for me is that is dusty, so be mindful of that. For a drugstore product, I was expecting that and was nota big of a deal, but am good to know.

Sephora collection Cleansing wipes $10,00

Sephora just brought new ones, and I couldn't be happier. All are budget-friendly and there are 2 different types, exfoliating and cleansing, the watermelon scent is my favourite and they were smart enough to make a bag friendly size, perfect to toss on your gym bag.

L’Oreal Paradise Enchanted Blush. $13,00

Remember when I mention about the scented makeup? Well, this blush is my new favourite. With the delicious peach scent and universal flattering colours, this is a great drugstore find; not that L’Oreal didn’t nail the blush department before, but was missing this touch.

Sephora Collection Masks $4,00- $8,00

Those are the great budget-friendly masks you’ll find with high quality, Sephora has a large collection of masks that focus on eyes, hair, hands and even lips for a little price and they do work so well. Every time I stop by Sephora, I make sure to stock up on those babies, and I have to say, is hard to pick my favourite, have you picked yours?

I could go on and on with the finds but would make this a long post, maybe I could share more in a video if you guys like the idea or more suggestions, let me know on the comment section below, I’d love to hear.

Image Source: Google Images/ Pinterest

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