Fresh black tea kombucha Toronto launch party

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This post is a bit late comparing when I posted the video but I wanted to share the images anyways.

Fresh invited me to the launch party of their latest addition to the Fresh family, The black Tea kombucha essence that was held in downtown at Early Mercy.

I've been a fan of Fresh for a while, they have an amazing skincare product selection and some are part of my skincare routine.

This new product is actually an extra step on your routine but seriously, takes 1 second and super worth it.

I've been using the product for a couple of weeks now and I do have a thin, sensitive skin, that is responding really well to this product.

The claims are, anti-pollution protects the skin, soften fine lines and replenish moisture. For a skin like mine, this is a dream product for sure.

What I love the most was the fact that 1 single drop can do my entire face, so worth the high price tag. Is also recommended apply on the neck area, since is the part of our body that shows ageing signs.

About the party:

We had a plenty of educators showing how to use the product along with some cool activities ( hello tea reader.) and yummy food.

I loved how they were worried about educating the influencers about the benefits and usage of the product, after all like I said earlier, is an extra step on our skincare routine that not everybody is willing to add, but learn about how fast it is and benefits is really a great addition.

In summary, we all Know how beneficial Kombucha is to our body, I'm glad to see it infused to skincare products.

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This product is available right now at Sephora.

Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comment section below.​

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