5 Instagram worth walls in Toronto

Every time we visit new city especially as first timers we look for the amazing touristic places to register the moment in beautiful pictures that we going to remember forever right? Well, sort off.

Let's faced, besides the touristic pictures, everybody is going crazy about Instagram worth places to fill up the social media with creative and colourful pictures.

Guess what? Toronto is full of those places, besides the great shots you are going to get, there are some amazing places to explore.

We selected 5 cool addresses in Toronto that you can just walk, snap a picture and be happy, take a look.

Graffiti Ally- 160 Rush Lane.

This location is not a stranger among Torontonians but I figure would be cool to share with newcomers anyways. Is an ally that starts at Spadina Avenue and goes all the way to Portland Street of street art that will explode your social media of likes and amazing art. There's a discovery in every corner of this ally and for sure lots off colour. No matter when you go, you'll always snap a great shot.

Cali Love Wings- 367 King Street W.

Cali love is a cafe/restaurant that serves amazing health food and they also have a great eye for Instagram. Everything on the menu worth post, but the main attraction for sure is the #caliwings right outside of the restaurant on King Street. Fact, there are 3 different wall arts, but the wings by far are the coolest, just walk by the restaurant and snap your picture.

Love sign- Distillery District.

Another clichê in the city, but believe me, worth the visit. The idea is to get your locker with you and your significant other's name and put on the sign (hello Paris bridge inspiration), is a beautiful sign in the middle of the distillery, you can't miss. While you're there, walk around and find other arts such as the peace sculpture and the Hi wall art to take some fun shots.

Café Cancan pink door - 89 Harbord St.

Ok, this is technically not a wall but is a door that in on the wall. This little French bistro is an inspiration on its own ( that's topic for another post), but beside the café, there's a pink door that will look so cute on your feed and it's a free space where you can snap your picture and go.

Natalie Ast

Toronto Carpet factory - 67 Mowat Avenue.

Located at Liberty Village, one of the trendiest places in the city, is an actual working factory but they have the most beautiful natural look. the perfect symmetric windows are cover by natural plants all over, a true concrete jungle. If you pass by, enjoy the numerous coffee shops and bars close by after taking your picture.

Google Image

Of course, there are many more places to discover, but this is for sure a great start. Have you tried any of those places? Do you have any worth visiting recommendations? let us know on the comment section below.

Source: Travel culture/ Natalie Ast/Google images

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