What I learned travelling to Cuba

Hi guys,

Let's talk about Cuba for a moment. I decided to come and share my experience when I went to Cuba for the first time because was the only country so far that I visited and had a mix of feelings about it.

Full of stunning beaches, Cuba has a simplicity and rawness that is what makes this place so unique.

As most of you know, Cuba was a predominant communist for most of its history but is changing in the last couple of years for better to residents and tourists, but a couple of grey lines there made my vacation not as perfect as I planned.

If you have booked your trip to Cuba or if you're planning to, here are some points that can help in your Cuban experience.

1- Check the season.

This one is quite general but very important to consider when you're booking a trip to Cuba, Hurricane season. Last year the Caribbean was the target of 3 big hurricanes that left destruction is a couple of islands and countries along the way, so when you book your trip, be aware that from Septembre to November is a hurricane season for the region, so monitoring the region couple of weeks before you go or even before you book your vacation. Another point for the hurricane season is when you find the best prices for the best hotels, so is very tempting.

2- Choosing the Hotel.

In most of the places, you could get away with a 4-star hotel and have an incredible experience. Well, Cuba is different. Since the country is changing slowly, the stars rating is based on the size of the resort not much of the quality so can be tricky. My advice, get at least a 4.5 stars hotel when you're choosing it, the price wouldn't change drastically, and I guarantee you not going to have bubble gum hanging on your bed headboard.

3-Pack basic medication.

Pack the medicines you're used to is necessary for any vacation especially when you're going to an all-inclusive resort. All the food and drinks may cause confusion in our body, remember to bring the essentials.

Cuban food is delicious and simple, they have a lot of rice, meat and vegetables, but some of the people are not used to this cooking style and often get sick, so if you tend to get sick easily, try to eat things that you're familiar with and have your medications with you.

4- Have your document on point.

If you're like me and live in a different country that you're born, be aware that Cuba does not have easy access to the internet, and they are not helpful at all at the airport.

As you guys know I live in Canada and when I went to Cuba, I was under my work permit. As a Portuguese citizen, we did not need any type of visa to Canada when you have a work permit. Lucky me, during the week I was in there (with no internet access), Canadian immigration started to request an electronic visa (ETA) for Europeans. You can already guess what happens right?

At the airport, they didn't let me, board, because of the missing document and was stressful. I paid to get access to the internet to do the document, almost lost my flight but I made safe back home. Going through immigration, I was informed that the first week was an experiment and I should be able to leave Cuba without the ETA. Lesson learned, have your documents on point, always.

Even though I had a couple of bumps along the way, Cuba is beautiful and I want to go back eventually.

Did you know those tips? Have any extra to share? Leave in the comment section below and share with us.

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