A trip to Mexico history.

I think we can all agree that travel somewhere different is always exciting right?

With that being said, everybody has a goal to their trips such as try the culinary, shopping spree, just relax or explore the culture and history.

When I decide to go to Mexico, staying in the all-inclusive resort was a must to enjoy free time by the beach or poll, Besides that, I was pumped to check of my bucket list one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Maya temple of Chichen Itzá. Maya culture is super rich and intriguing, there are more than 100 ruins throughout Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala but the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is where you can find the most impressive ones.

We chose to dedicate a day to the trip to Chichen Itzá and from where we stayed in Playa del Carmem was the furthest temple (about 3 hours drive each way), Other closer options such as Coba, Tulum and Ek Balan and believe me, if I had more time I would visit those along with more cenotes on the way.

We had a driver picking us up early morning from our hotel at 7:40 am and was a super comfy bus with onboard service of coffee, snacks and even alcohol. there was a shortstop to Hubiku cenote on the way and about that consider.

- Bring a biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray, water is clean, we don't want to pollute it.

- The sun is unbelievably strong, apply sunscreen throughout the day along with the bug spray, it will keep you protected.

- Bring your swimsuit if you're planning to get inside the cenote, is cold but worth the experience.

- Prepare to have people trying to sell you products and services, they can be really annoying but is their work.

- Usually, you have 45 minutes to swim in the Cenote and eat if you decide to buy an excursion to those places, so use your time wisely.

I got upset because I end up spending to much time in the " tequila museum" that was actually just a store that they sell homemade Tequila and I had 10 minutes at the cenote and 10 minutes to eat an ok meal, was not really special.

After left Hubiku, was finally Chichen Itzá turn and I have to say that worth the trip, The day was hot and we had a terrific tour guide that educates us about history during the bus ride, as well at the park.

With over 1 hour at the park (is a Unesco protected area so you pay a small fee to get in) is always good to remember:

- Bug spray, umbrella, hat and sunnies will be your best friend, the chances of a really hot day ahead are high so be prepared.

- There is a lot of people trying to sell things in the park, they will try to call constantly and if you decide to get any souvenir, first don't touch it, they might trick saying that you broke something just to make you pay and with these vendors you can actually negotiate a better price.

The Pyramid is the center of the attention, but there are other ruins around that can turn into a great shot.

Lastly, look at the ruins details with attention, pictures are great, but the memory that you'll have last forever.

Aside from the stunning view, Mayan history is so fascinating that was unfortunate that I wasn't able to visit the other sites but I got a great excuse to come back to Mexico in a near future.

How about you guys, have you been in Mexico visiting any woth to see places?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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