What I learned in 8 years living abroad.

Hi everyone, I'm alive (sometimes barely).

This time off took way longer than I anticipated and there are no excuses honestly besides my lack of creativity and motivation. 2019 was a tough year and I had high hopes for 2020 but honestly started not as refreshing as I expected and right after the world got hit with COVID 19. As every new year start, we are full of hopes and dreams for a better life or changes in the current situation. My main goal was to get a full-time, permanent job, work on my personal life, and maybe look for a space of my own, well you can guess how that went. Being away from everything that we know hit hard when you're vulnerable, and not have anybody to lead on is one of the hardest experiences I ever had in those 8 years living in Canada. Of course, I have friends ( and amazing ones) to count on but let's face it, they already have their struggles too like everybody else, there's a limit that we can "bother" and I absolutely have this filter and I appreciate every second I spend with these amazing friends I made here, they are what keeps me going. Now we are out for some lessons.

Purple Hil Lavender Farm - Ontario

- The good friends you make it, will be your family for life.

I met a lot of people in this 8 years and I can count in 1 hand the ones that stuck out and made a difference in my life and those, no matter what is happening in the world they will always have kind and encourage word to say to you, will be always cheering for you and want your success, days can go by because let's face it, life happens but when you're together is always a great experience where you can feel the good energy without have to show on social media, in reality, you forget the time when you're in good company.

- Invest in yourself.

Mental health is a real and scary thing, especially when you're in lockdown, alone or out of your comfort zone, we never hard so much about mental health like this year, so work on yourself, do little things that make you happy such as long walks, exercise, read a book, listen to music, watch movies or TV shows and now with all this information available with one click, maybe go study something that you like, do a small online course will for sure boost your mood and nourish your brain and soul. I'm a coffee lover and I do have my eye on a barista course for myself and who knows, maybe in the future, I can have my own coffee shop.

- Don't be too hard on yourself.

I'm a perfectionist and a dreamer; god knows the reality check I had in the last couple of years and I've been unkind to myself especially because I started over at age 25 to 26 when I moved to Canada and now I see all my friends being successful and building families and I'm super happy for then, don't get me wrong but I can't help comparing myself and see that I'm 34 with no job or career, no family or a home to call my own and that's for sure makes me emotional. Yes, I'm human and I have a lot of emotions, sometimes way more than I want it.

I read on my devotional couple days ago one thing that stuck with me. " Look at and concentrate on what you do have, not what you don't have.", and that's obvious but we forget so fast because is easier to feel sorry for ourselves.

Side note: I'm reading everyday Joyce Meyer's daily devotional and that brought me comfort. Thanks, Steph Jolly for the recommendation.

- Never depend on anybody emotionally or physically.

Well, that was one of them that took me longer to realize. I was always so independent and accretive and since I move to Canada changed, I became dependent physically and emotionally and now I see that I took too far and I wish I could do things differently but now I regain the driver's seat and trying to do my best to rediscover myself and know what I'm capable off and not be dependent of anybody. Is a work in progress.

- Live one day after another.

Let's be real when you immigrate to a different country you're already at a disadvantage, unfortunately. Most people don't see you as an asset but yes as a competition and that's a stupid mentality since every person has something interesting or different to add to a place or company with different experiences and points of view. Be patient, is a long and bumpy road that you going to face issues in different areas of your life, and will have to come up with a solution on your own.

Is easy said than done but believe me I'm wringing it as a reminder to myself since I find myself feeling defeated a lot lately but I know something good will come, I already dared to do the big step and leave my comfort zone moving to a completely different country, so I know Enjoy the moment, life goes by so fast so make the most of it.

That's about it for this post, I guess I got into a flow of dump all my thoughts here may be to start fresh and also show that my life is not curated as my Instagram feed. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that lift you up and ground you. Hope this post helps someone else in the future.

Below a videos that I watched I think worth sharing.

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