Why you should visit a Lavender field.

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slowly but surely I think I'm getting my inspiration to write back. In the world we are living in, your next airplane write looks a bit uncertain right now but that doesn't mean you can't explore your own city and discover new places to hit, and yes one of your main sources will be Instagram to find those. Just because everybody is going to lavender and sunflowers farms, that doesn't mean you can't go. Chances are that your audience on Instagram and blog is not the same as that cool influencer on your feed have ( believe you can have some people in common but the world is a big place). With all that being said, let's see some places you can explore a drive away from Toronto. Coming from a tropical country like Brazil, I never had closer contact with Lavender anything, is a different experience and one that if possible I would do every year. First, because lavender smells amazing and is visually pleasing, second is such a seasonal attraction especially here in Ontario that soon we going to hit below zero temperatures, and lastly let's face it, will look great on your Instagram or that print photograph that you'll have forever.

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm - Milton On

Is closer to the city, around 45 minutes' drive and has more tradition and structure super friendly staff and a lot of props around the farm. This year due to the pandemic they were working with a waiting list where you e-mail your info to the farm and waiting for the opening to visit. they have a great little store filled with you guessed Lavender goodies and let me tell you an amazing ice - cream. I believe the biggest Lavender farm in Ontario, they do have a reasonable size sunflower field too that is usually open just weekends and they do offer a couple of activities there, such as yoga, tour guide, and rent for a photoshoot. The downside is that is quite pricy, I remember pay around $20 - $25 CAD for the visit, plus parking plus what I bought in store.

Purple Hill Lavender field - Creemore - On

Is a new one to me this year, is a bit further from the city 1+ hour. I was camping close by in Barrie so I end up visiting there on the same weekend ( We chose Barry location because of the Lavender farm, let me confess). The field is smaller but equally pretty. They had different types of lavender, a beautiful house in the background, and a small pound to complete the scenario. I love the option of buying tickets in advance online ($10 CAD) and free parking. We went at the end of the season and on a long weekend so was beautiful but didn't take the excitement away, we took some pictures got some amazing lavender goods ( I'm still dreaming about the Lavender Loaf) and we head back to our camping super quick. I felt because this place was kinda new to the Instagram world, we had more freedom to walk, if you wanted you can take a picnic basket and enjoy the place and just enjoy the day. There's not much to do but honestly, people are there just for the lavender right.

Now that the season is over I would for sure go again, flowers for me never get old and is an inspiring magical place. I'm sure next year will pop a new lavender farm to explore around ( there's probably already there but I didn't discover yet) and I'll be here to report back. As per my preference, I loved the experience in both, will depend on your mood, budget, and inspiration to choose which one you would like to visit, but I can guarantee you will be a cool experience especially if you're like me that didn't grow up with those beauties in your backyard.

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Source: Travel Culture Blog

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